Team Mateo Dance Party & Family Game Day Benefit

     HOSTED BY:   J A N E ' S   G A N G 

When you look at your children what do you see? If your lucky, like many of us you see healthy, happy, energetic and active children getting to experience all that a kids life should entail. The Cota Family, who SO MANY of us have come to know and love have been given a very different path with little Mateo. And now they are in the midst of the greatest test of Faith and Hope they have experienced thus far... and many of us know how very much they have already been through. If you have been following their journey you are aware.
As the Cota family have been traveling for many many months down to the Children's Hospital in LA for constant treatments for Mateo's second battle with Cancer, they are now having to endure a 4-5 month stay in LA for a greater and more intense round of treatments to prepare him for a Bone Marrow Transplant. This means Erika has to take more time off of work without pay and away from home and away from her other sons little Eddie and Diego. Eddie has to move back and forth from LA and home with the first 6 weeks spent in LA (starting Jan. 8th).
There has never been more of a need and necessity for us to come together as a community to help this family who have been in our hearts and prayers for so many years! As I type this up I am in tears. We are a strong community who comes together to help and do what we can, so please join Renee Reyes and Jane's Gang as they host this Family FUN Game day and Dance party! Please help us make this an amazingly successful event so we can do all we can to help! It has never been more urgent and important than NOW!

posted from Eddie Cota.....
"In the happy moments PRAISE GOD.
In the difficult moments SEEK GOD.
In the quiet moments WORSHIP GOD.
In every moment THANK GOD."

Music and dancing, fun family games, food and more... MORE INFO TO COME SOON!!

~~~> Music by Jane's Gang and The Shop Rockers (all tips go straight to the family)

~~~~> Games supplied by FUNSHINE EVENTS with giant sized games like Connect Four and MORE!!

~~~~> BBQ - More info to come

***** TICKETS PRICE = Minimum $25 donation/$10 per child or whatever you are able and willing to donate!! Tickets will be on sale February 24th. INFO ON WHERE AND HOW TO GET TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE NEXT WEEK OR TWO.

​​Sunday, March 10, 2019

1 PM – 4 PM